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Peterson House


Peterson House Sparkling Semillon Pinot

The aroma is clean and sharp and dominated by citrus characters. Lemons and Grapefruit jump out as the gas evolves from the glass. The fresh citrus characters and slight tartness of the wine has allowed a slightly higher sugar dosage to fill the mid palate. This super fresh mouth feel gives the impression that the wine is drier than the sugar level would suggest. In the mid palate some grapefruit characters blend with some stonefruit flavours.

Peterson House Blanc de Blanc


This wine is pale straw colour. The lively fine bead forms a firm mousse on the palate. The citrus tones blend with a subtle yeast characters reminiscent of sherbet. This wine is extremely fresh and zesty up front. The early release captures the fresh Chardonnay fruit characters. The ageing on yeast lees during bottle fermentation has given this wine creaminess and character which fills the palate to give a smooth rewarding mouthfeel whilst maintaining a really fresh expression of the chardonnay. The wine is subtle and refined with the zesty citrus on the after palate giving length and structure to the wine which lingers on your taste buds. It is a light but refreshing style of wine.

Peterson House Chardonnay Pinot

Peterson House Chardonnay Pinot_edited_edited_edited.png

The aroma is dominated by fresh citrus but meld with hints of toasty autolysis from the bottle ageing. 

The fresh citrus flavours up front slowly recede to allow the creamier and complex baked bread notes to come through. The mid palate is filled out by these yeasty flavours and a touch of sugar balances the natural fruit acidity. Overall the wine is fresh with the finish having a touch of lemon zest which contributes to the length of palate.  Light to medium intensity, enjoy with seafood and white meat dishes.


Peterson House Gateway

This wine is crystal clear with a lively effervescence.  Pale straw in colour with a fresh green gold hue, Gateway is fruit driven both on the palate and aroma. A full palate makes for a soft and fruity wine which still finishes with a crisp natural acid finish.  Gateway is a great everyday wine that will match a variety of foods and flavours. 


Peterson House Cuvee 200ml

The blending of vintages allows fresh citrus characters to meld with the more complex toasted yeast characters of some older wines. The palate is long, clean and crisp with a satisfying dry finish. The aroma of citrus fruits and sherbet is balanced by some subtle complex aged yeast characters.  A wine for all occasions, that is sophisticated yet approachable. Perfect for sipping by itself or accompanying a meal.

Peterson House Sparkling Semillon Pinot

PH Pink Bludh_edited.png

Our most popular sparkling wine with a light fruity style that everyone loves.  Natural acidity of the wine is balanced by the sweeter finish, whilst the red wine imparts a full mouthfeel and balance to the wine. 

The wine has an enchanting pale pink colour with fresh fruity aromas. Displaying a sweetness on the mid palate and a clean fresh finish. A wine to be consumed in its youth and will always prove to be a great pre dinner drink.

Also available in 200mL piccolo size.

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