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First Creek

First Creek Chardonnay

FC Chardonnay_edited.png

A chardonnay fruit displaying excellent varietal characteristics, and the finished wine has been subtly enhanced by oak maturation for several months prior to bottling.

Pale golden yellow in colour with abundant citrus and stone fruit aromas are backed by subtle nutty, toasty oak.

Tastes Fresh, with intense fruit flavours of nectarine and orange combine seamlessly with gentle oak handling to give an elegant and rounded palate with a creamy richness balanced by minerally acidity.

First Creek Pinot Gris - Orange


Pinot Gris’ means ‘little grey’ referring to this varietal’s more delicate hue. Pinot Gris grapes grow in small, cone-shaped bunches, and flourish in slightly cooler climates. Contrary to popular belief, Pinot Gris is actually the same grape variety as its Italian incarnation, Pinot Grigio, the difference is in the winemaking style: Pinot Gris is generally fruitier and even sweeter than Pinot Grigio, which tends to be drier.

Pale lemon in colour with pear and stone fruit aromas with hints of lemongrass.

Intense, ripe fruit flavours, with a seamless and beautifully clean, long line through the palate. The finish is fresh with pleasantly lingering pear overtones.

FC Cab Sav_edited.png

This is a robust wine showing the flavour and elegance associated with high quality fruit and with several years cellaring will reward those with the patience and the the willpower to do so. Ruby red with purple tinges. It has lovely aromas of plums and ripe raspberries with a background of dried herbs.

A classy full bodied cabernet with great depth and flavour. Blackcurrant, cassis and mocha oak add structure, without the gripping tannins often associated with this variety.

First Creek Cabernet Sauvignon - Orange


This grape variety seems to have originated in the Northern part of the Rhône Valley in France. It has been known there since the twelfth century. The bouquet is usually distinguished by aromas of black pepper, mulberries and blackcurrants sometimes accompanied by a hint of tar. These are usually present in the palate together with hints of tannin and wood — especially American oak in Australia — and will blend to present a balanced and rich palate with long maturation. The level of acidity present, the richness of palate and fruit quality on the palate will vary according to the climatic conditions of the region of provenance.

Deep crimson ruby in colour with dark berry and cherry aromas backed by black pepper, anise, and spicy oak characters.

This elegant medium bodied Shiraz displays concentrated mulberry and blackberry flavours, with spice and elegant fine tannins providing a long, satisfying finish.

First Creek Shiraz

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