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Glasshouse Brut Reserve Pinot Noir Chardonnay

The Chardonnay offers marvellous fruit expression and the Pinot Noir marries with creaminess, richness and body. The wine displays a delightful fine bead with some rich and yeasty aromas which have been created while the wine was held on yeast lees.

Characters of pear, rock melon, citrus and some toasty notes combine to make a truly complex style. The palate is crisp and elegant with luxurious long lasting mousse.


Glasshouse Moscato White "Estelle"

The bouquet is filled with pleasant aromas of citrus, orange blossom and fresh tropical fruit salad notes. The zingy, crispness and delightful lifted flavours of guava, watermelon and lime on the palate are just magnificent. The finish provides a hint of sweetness balanced by crisp acidity and fantastic complexity with just a hint of gentle spritzing. Very refreshing and best served chilled.


Glasshouse Moscato Pink Blush "Michelle"

Unashamedly one for the ladies, this pale, blushing Moscato is an essential tool for your girls night in or weekend away. Low in alcohol but high in sweetness and enjoyment this wine is the perfect way to kick off a nights festivities. It’s lifted in tropical and citrus aromas before a zesty effervescent palate alive with a fruit salad of flavour. The sweetness creeps in steadily before clean, balanced acids round out the finish.

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